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About Me:


I came into the world of professional makeup after spending over five years in the modelling industry. Throughout my modelling career I learned about the art of makeup and the ways in which different colours and styles could completely change a person’s appearance.


During this time I also studied interior design, seeking a career that I believed would benefit my artistic prowess as well as provide me with job security. My work as an interior designer allowed me to learn about how a person’s taste reflects their psychology, a realisation I can apply to both furniture and faces! I have found that my ability to connect with people on a deeper level had made me a better makeup artist as I know how to balance what a person wants and what they need for their special event.


I was intrigued by the power of makeup and worked to learn about the artistic nature of makeup artistry as well as its physical and psychological influences. Having bad skin myself, I know how it feels to lack confidence in your own looks. For this reason, I understand how it feels to use makeup as a way to cover insecurities but I have the skills needed to teach you how to apply cosmetics and still look natural while feeling amazing.


Before studying makeup artistry, I spent two years in Ireland working as a representative for Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, during which time I gained invaluable experience demonstrating product application and teaching women how to improve their own understanding of cosmetics and application. I believe that your face and makeup are an extension of who you are and create looks that draw attention to your best features. In doing this, I use makeup to create a story and animate your thoughts and feelings. This belief is shared by my friend and mentor, Joanna Blair, under whom I studied the art of makeup application. Under her guidance, I learned how to master my technique to bring you the best quality in product application and provide you with an experience above and beyond industry standard.


I know that makeup is about more than just providing a service, so I take time to look at individual facial bone structure including lip shape, eye shape, skin colour, tone and texture to personalise your look while also taking into account age etiquette, occasion and personality to match your makeup to the event.


It was during my time modelling for the Australian Bridal Company that I developed a passion for elegant makeup to enhance a bride’s natural beauty rather than change their look. It is for this reason that I am a specialist in bridal makeup, however I am also available for photo shoots, debutantes, print, television and film work and all other special occasions!


My mission is to help make you look as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside!

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