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February 4, 2019

"You only have one chance at your bridal makeup and for me I would rather give that responsibility to the experts" 






➳ How and when was MELISSA MAIER MAKEUP born?


I was organising my own wedding I contacted an old make up artist who I had met in early years of modelling. Joanna Blair had opened a make up school and was teaching the finer art of makeup. Joanna suggested come to some of the classes and my husband to be over heard the conversation and bought the 10 week course as a wedding present to me! The rest is history. 5 years ago I completed that course and I have never dreamt my career to be travelling the way it is.

After 8 years as a Interior Designer I had known I wanted a change, but couldn’t put my finger on exactly what I wanted to do, that’s until my partner asked me to marry him and the “light bulb” moment happened talking to Joanna during my makeup trial. Stepping into the make up world was easy for me having the creative bone and the understand of blending and colours.



➳ What can MELISSA MAIER MAKEUP offer a Bride to-be for their Wedding day?

I offer so much more than make up! With a background in modelling, interior design and styling, I am a bridal stylist who considers EVERY component before finalising the makeup look. I style, collaborate and organise bridal shoots so I am always looking at what’s current in the bridal industry. I know and deal with Melbourne’s Top Wedding Vendors and I am always helping my brides find either their photographer, hair stylist, florist or venue. My aim is to inspire future brides for their own wedding day. 


As a full time make up artist, who has trained and assisted some of Melbourne’s best makeup artist, this is not my “second job” or ”hobby”. You only have one chance at your bridal makeup and for me I would rather give that responsibility to the experts - if your budget doesn’t allow for the price of a professionally trained make up artist then maybe a less expensive pair of shoes is what you should do, after all who will really see them? The last and most important is I have fun, I love a laugh and I am there for you and your bridal party in the preparing of you ALL! I don’t just do makeup, I have also been known to dress brides (those buttons can be tricky) support mothers and fathers of the brides emotionally and sip a champagne at the end of the day!


➳ What keeps you inspired along the way?

So many things! Its not just top makeup artists, its fashion, interiors, architecture, travel and good coffee! I just love seeing what other creative like-minded souls are doing around me. People’s talents and creativity always inspires me to think outside the box. If I have a spare day, I just love walking the streets of Melbourne and experiencing the art galleries, restaurants and independent fashion labels - bridal designers are definitely my number 1 favourite fashion group, I mean what girl doesn’t love a wedding dress? Its pretty hard to live in Melbourne and not be inspired on a day to day basis on how amazing the city and people are. Melbourne fashion and the creative force behind it really is world class.

➳ Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences?

The one that stands out the most for me was a bride on a budget who really wanted me but couldn’t afford me. Mind you there was only $30 per face between me and the cheaper girl. Anyway, I stood my ground and stood firm for my worth and experience. Time passed and I received a call from her on the morning of her wedding, she called me crying, she was begging me to come to do her make up because the other makeup artist hadn't shown up due to a headache. Unfortunately, I was already driving to another wedding client. Professional makeup artists are the way to go. We know the importance of your special day and we will be there rain, hail or shine or even a headache.

➳ What advice would you offer a Bride just starting out on their search for the perfect Wedding makeup artist?

The best advice is look at the makeup artist portfolio or website. I wouldn’t go and book a makeup artist who only has work of her own face on her Instagram account. Doing make up on yourself is so different to doing make up for a client, let alone on her wedding day. Trained makeup artists will have diversity within their portfolio and show their style and techniques though different looks. Look for someone who shoots either lots of weddings or editorials as they will understand how makeup looks through the camera. Narrow down your choices by assessing the artists that you think match your needs and wants. 


It’s also a good idea to consult friends who have recently married for referrals. Lastly, meet them and have a trial! Trials are there so you can gain confidence in you make up artist. A trial however is not just makeup. I believe you need to find a makeup artist who you “click” with on a personal level so choose someone who you know will help you in the stressful and emotional situations that can arise on the day, almost like a “second best friend” - that is something I believe your makeup artist should be.


➳ Do you have a personal favourite style?
I believe skin needs to look like skin, barely there, sheer foundation with coverage only where you need it, luminous skin, individual lashes and a glossy or matte statement lip is one of my favourites. If you think it might be too much for your ceremony but still love the look, you can leave out the lipstick for the ceremony and ask your makeup artist to stick around for touch ups and rock your reception with a statement lip. You can never go wrong with a Berry Plum lip shade as I believe it suits almost everyone. The bold lip at the reception allows you to really achieve that sassy sexy party bride feel.

➳ What is the best part about what you do:


Meeting awesome people and making them feel so good about themselves! And getting to play dress up at photo shoots!





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