Featured in Vintage Bride Magazine March edition 2015 - Vintage Lace Shoot

March 5, 2015

If you are a sappy romantic with a soft spot for vintage weddings and the Australian countryside, you will simply love the story behind this whimsical farm photo shoot. Great, I see I have your attention already.

It all started with the fantastic wedding gowns of a brand called Fabled and True. This sustainable label with a strong vintage vibe designs and makes all its items in Brisbane using repurposed and recycled vintage fabrics. You know, the kind that makes you travel back in time and dream a little. I am a great fan of such brands as I think they are doing a fabulous job in our modern society where people just throw away stuff without sensing their true potential.

To match these dreamy dresses we decided to go for sophisticated vintage looks with a contemporary feel. And this time we did not use catwalk models. Instead, we chose two gorgeous young mothers (the epitome of the girl next door) who looked happy and healthy, and had lots of fun flirting with the camera.  Alex Holness and Jessica Foletta are Victoria girls who posed like true pros and looked as fab as any model, but real enough for every woman to identify herself with them. By the way, would you have guessed both these beauties were already mums?

The floral living fascinators were styled by the talented Myliesha Sjoberg from Luna Moss (who also decorated the magical floral swing), and complemented perfectly the simple vintage dresses, adding extra structure and pizzazz. Leah Harrison created the delicate hair styles, while the photo shoot bears Jessica Rose Photography’s signature. It all looks like the recreation of a fairy tale, wouldn’t you say?

Makeup and styling were provided by yours truly (aka Melbourne-based Melissa Meier ), and this time I wanted to go bold and create a dramatic yet flawless look  were both eyes and lips popped, adding a sensual touch of colour to the girls’ look. I decided not to go for a natural makeup just because I wanted to show brides-to-be they can also be daring without looking ostentatious.

This was the first time we worked together as a team, but definitely not the last. In fact, we had so much fun and bonded so well that we are already organizing our next shoot!

To conclude, a few words about the fabulous scenery which added natural simplicity and beauty to every photo. The shots were taken on my farm that I am planning to open up in the next year or so as a wedding reception venue - it would be a great location for couples looking to celebrate their big day in the rural outdoors. The sweet animals starring in the shoot gave the photos a more authentic countryside feel and a true sense of Australian vintage.

The old-fashioned automobile was borrowed from my neighbour, whose shed is an endless source of vintage items and memorabilia.  He was more than happy to oblige for such a noble cause: having two blushing “brides” posing next to his old car was an exceptional event.

I hope you love the result as much as we do, and maybe you can find a little inspiration in these images. Vintage is not dead, ladies! Au contraire, it looks sweeter than ever!


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